Here’s Everything I Use.

What You Must Have

You really only need one thing and that’s…

Web Hosting

HostGator – These guys are good. I recommend them because it only costs 1 cent to get going. You can also cancel at anytime. This gives you the most amount of flexibility over any other web host. Very good for beginners.  Use the coupon below to get the 1 cent offer.

coupon = 1centawesomeness

My Other Tools

Backlink Analysis

Majestic SEO – Will allow you to see the backlinks of another website. This is by far the best one because 1) It is cheap and 2) it shows backlinks the best IMO. I think it’s better than competitors like Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer. The price is $50 a month. The good news is though is that you can split an account with other SEOs, which is cool.

Finding Expired Domains

Register Compass – The best tool to allow you to quickly go through expired domains and find some decent ones. There are some free tools out there like Moonsy or ExpiredDomains.Net, however I think Register Compass is a big time saver and you’ll be able to find way better ones than you’d find on the free sites. The Price is $37 a month. You can also split this tool with other SEOs. However, you can’t both be logged in at the same time.

Landing Pages

LeadPages – I use these guys to make cool landing pages for when people land on my ads or specific product pages. The price is $37 a month.


Anything I don’t know I outsource it. Currently on my team is a developer and 2 full time employees from the Philippines.

Social Media Management



Links Management – A site where you can get some cheap links that work. Easy to use and affordable.

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